Peer-to-Peer Affiliate Marketing
Referboard is an exciting new platform which enables you to generate more website traffic and online sales, by enabling your audience to refer your products to their friends and followers.
Discover how your existing audience can generate you more sales, through the trustworthy, peer-to-peer referral of your products.
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In digital advertising, affiliate, direct and search marketing methods have long been the most effective channels for customer acquisition. This is evolving. Referrals via social channels have quickly become the most effective way to generate online sales. 74% of consumers are now make purchasing decisions based on their social networks, with social shopping now the fastest growing sector of online retail. Referboard allows brands to leverage the power of peer-to-peer referrals, incentivising users to refer products they love to their multiple social networks.
Reward your loyal audience for referring your awesome products Referred sales earn the referrer a commission, encouraging them to express their personalities by referring only the products they believe in, that they think their friends or followers will buy.
A new and exciting platform for displaying your awesome products 92% of consumers identify word-of-mouth recommendations as their main reason for buying a product or service. The Referboard platform ensures that if people think your product is awesome, it’ll be shared with a much larger audience, generating more sales as a result.
Increase your reach and generate more sales 76% of people recommend companies they trust to a friend or colleague. Referboard helps grow your digital footprint and generate more sales without any upfront costs. Referboard is about honest and transparent digital advertising where the playing field is level: any brand, anywhere, can increase its reach and increase sales, with Referboard.
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