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The Trendii browser plugin and app make it easy for you to shop everywhere.

Activate the app or plugin while viewing your favourite digital fashion magazine, blog or social media page, to easily identify products in any image. You can then shop immediately, both similar and matching products, at the price-point that suits you.

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How to use the plugin

1 - Activate the plugin

Once you have installed the Trendii plugin, activate it by clicking the Trendii icon in your browser window when browsing your favourite websites.

2 - Select an image

Trendii will show you all the images from webpage you are visiting. Select an image to discover product matches.

3 - See product matches

Trendii will now show you all relevant product matches from your selected image. Our AI will recognise multiple products in images. Select the product you want to see matches for.

4 - Buy instantly

Press Shop Similar on one of the product matches to find even more similar products, or you can go directly to the retailers website to make your purchase.

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Trendii’s recommendation engine can help you discover fashion inspiration from your photos.

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Take a screenshot of your favourite images on social media or websites to find inspiration.

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Find fashion inspiration from your favourite fashion websites, magazines or blogs.