An easier way to monetise your influence, through inspiring your followers’ shopping choices
Create your own shop, inspire your followers and earn revenue for sales generated.
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At last there is a social shopping platform that allows you to retain creative freedom, whilst inspiring others to shop.
Increase Influence
With Referboard, you can quickly build and boost your own brand. Watch your influence increase as your footprint and audience grows.
Inspire Followers
Your followers trust you – help them make more inspired shopping choices, by referring products that you love from brands you trust.
Creative Freedom
You’ll have the freedom to monetise your influence, without a brand looking over your shoulder and without being locked into any contractual commitments.
No Risk
Its simple to use - there’s no risk; no business overheads; no owning or managing stock; no fulfilment; and no upfront investment involved.
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Why you’ll love Referboard
Referboard offers full transparency for all sales and revenue information in real-time through your private dashboard.
It’s easy and free to use and set-up takes minutes.
You can easily hyperlink all products into any external blogs, posts and feeds and earn revenue for sales generated through those, at no extra cost.
Uncapped earning potential – as a referrer, there’s no limit to how much you can earn.
Management is easy, simple and minimal.
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